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4 Strategies for Hacking Exercise

Here are my top four strategies for actually prioritizing exercise: 1. Find Your Optimal Workout Time Mine is 6:15 AM. I like early morning workouts because: The rest of my life generally doesn’t get in the way. If something does interfere, I can often manage … Continue reading

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Get Movin’ Challenge – Update

I promised to share how LiveWell’s Get Movin’ Challenge is working for me. It’s been great so far! Since August 1, I have engaged in the following activities: enjoyed volleyball & picnic in the park with other families participated in Denver’s … Continue reading

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Get Movin’ Challenge

I just signed up for LiveWell Colorado’s Get Movin’ Challenge. For those who are unfamiliar with it, LiveWell Colorado is a nonprofit organization committed to reducing obesity in our state. The challenge invites Coloradans to commit to one month of … Continue reading

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One Billion (and One) Rising

Three mornings a week, I head to the gym, dial down my insulin, insert ear buds and spend 45 minutes ellipticizing. There’s a lot of motivation: I want my clothes to fit, I’ll enjoy the post-exercise calm, I want to … Continue reading

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