Dream Diabetes Device

Here’s the dream device I want: an integrated CGM/Insulin-pump device.

Along with that, I’d like a food log with voice recognition capabilities. It should also be able to track other diabetes details, like:

  • How much sleep did I get last night?
  • Am I stressed out? Under the weather?
  • Did I exercise today? At what time? For how long?
  • Am I properly hydrated?
  • How many days since last site change?
  • How old is this insulin?

It would be really fantastic if the device could learn some of this information through observation. Maybe there’s an embedded pedometer or fit-bit that tracks movement?

This artificial pancreas is a good start.

4th Annual Diabetes Blg Week 2013

This post was written for Diabetes Blog Week
The Prompt:
Tell us what your fantasy diabetes device would be. 

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One Response to Dream Diabetes Device

  1. Karen says:

    Oh yes, voice recognition would be a great feature on our dream devices. I would be awesome to get away from pushing all those little buttons all the time!

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